Social responsibility

Camping Sitges is a strongly company responsible company that takes care of the environment and takes responsibility for all collaborators, friends and customers to adopt the best practices we put into practice.

We are concerned for the environment; it is part of our character and is a strategic point of our vision. We think a campsite should be respects nature.

It’s about small actions. Everyday actions that allow us to live better, breathe better and look to the future with a blue color (of our sea) and green (of our environment).

We reduce, reuse and recycle

Over the years, we have tried to make our customers participate in the responsible consumption of water and encourage the consumption of local products through our restaurant and shop, reducing the impact of CO2 emissions in the atmosphere that transport of food generates.

For this reason we develop healthy breakfasts and lunches, with local products and, at the same time, we help the local producers and economies of Sitges and its surroundings.

The circular economy is an inherent part of our philosophy. Camping Sitges recycles oil, cardboard and plastic. We also recycle glass and batteries. Everything we can recycle, we do. What we cannot recycle we take it to the waste point closest.

Our location, near the Garraf Natural Park, makes us even more careful about the way we recommend our customers’ visits and walks.

Whenever possible, we encourage trips to the Natural Park of Garraf on foot or by bike. Camping Sitges is our starting point.

For this reason, our facilities have the bikefriendly seal. We have a workshop area with tools for to the repair and clean bicycles. We are and an information point for cycle tourists. We rent bicycles for the transfer of our customers to Sitges or to visit its beaches. And if possible, we recommend traveling on foot.

Social responsibility: We build community

We build community. But Camping Sitges is also a socially responsible company. Externally, we actively participate in the solidarity actions that take place in Sitges. We promote and propose workshops and collaborate with Hospital Sant Joan de Déu in initiatives that contribute to research for the prevention of childhood cancer.

Internally, this social responsibility is transferred to the continuous improvement of the well-being of our collaborators, workers and customers. We are building knowledge and practice of initiatives to limit the environmental footprint.